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As our products are preserves they don’t by law have a use by, but legally we have to state a best before date.

However this simple means they will be in there top condition during this period, but would be fine to eat after the best before has expired.

From when they are made they have the following shelf life:

  • Chutneys – 2 years
  • Marmalade & Preserves – 2 years
  • Pickles – 1 year
  • Mustard – 1 year

Once made products sit for no longer than 3-4 months in our storage facility. The only exception to this are the Curds, which are made to order, so have their full shelf life.

Once Opened our jars state to consume within 6 weeks, however we have Jars in our fridge that have been open longer than this and still taste fine.