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Stuffed Red Peppers with Cous Cous, Goats Cheese & Smoked Garlic Chutney

A great quick lunchtime snack or for a starter. Made from Fresh Red Peppers, Cous Cous and Holly And The Ivy Aubergine & Garlic Chutney

  • 4 Large Red Bell Peppers
  • 250 grams Cous Cous
  • 200 grams Hard Goats Cheese
  • 1 bunch Fresh Basil Leaves
  • 400 ml Vegetable Stock Cubes (Reduced Salt if possible)
  • 2 tbsp Holly And The Ivy Smoked Garlic & Aubergine Chutney (Available from the Holly And Ivy Website)
  • 1 tbsp Pumpkin Seeds (Available from the Holly And Ivy Website)
  • 1 tbsp Sunflower Seeds (Available from the Holly And Ivy Website)
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  1. Set oven to Gas 5 / 200c / 180c Fan Oven

  2. Cut the Peppers in half and remove the seeds, place the Peppers on a baking tray, cut side down and drizzle with a little Olive Oil. Place in warm oven and cook for approximately 20mins or until the Peppers are soft but still retain the shape.

  3. Meanwhile place Cous Cous in a bowl and add the hot vegetable stock stirring with a fork, leave for 5 mins for the stock to absorb.

  4. Cut the Goats Cheese into 1/2inch / 12mm cubes.

  5. Add to Cous Cous together with Holly and the Ivy Smoked Garlic & Aubergine Chutney, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds and mix well.

  6. Add the seasoning to taste, and finally add the torn Basil Leaves.

  7. Stuff the Peppers with the Cous Cous mixture and place on the Baking Tray and drizzle a small amount of Olive Oil over the Peppers. Put back into the oven and cook for approximately 5 mins until some of the Goats Cheese has slightly melted.

  8. Serve with a small side salad, and drizzle with a little Balsamic Vinegar.

  9. You can replace the Red Pepper with Baked Potatoes, or you can just have the Cous Cous cold as a salad with Cold Meats etc.

Pictures to follow

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