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Helene Joseph – London

Hi Paul I waited to email you as I wanted to try some of the marmalade's before I sent this.  They all came beautifully packed and I notice that you fill the jars right to the top - so many other jams and marmalade's have a big empty space at the top of the jar.   I am tucking in to a very late breakfast today with toast and Ginger Marmalade- excellent as are all the others I have tasted.  I know you like feedback and suffice to say that when again I have room in my cupboard I will order More.   Best wishes   Helene  

Nage Nutty Peanut Butter By The Mini Jar Company

Nutty Butters February 13, 2018 by Spicefreak Hey folks, happy pancake day! Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to write a special blog post for my favourite food-based holiday this year. Not ill enough to impair my brain function, anymore. I can write again but there is one thing that the remnants of my cold still have over me – I can’t trust my sense of taste right now. Or my sense of heat, for that matter. So, instead of me writing something topical and special, here’s a post I pre-prepared about one of my weirder finds of 2017. A product that I promised I’d be showcasing this year. Today, I have Peanut Butter for you: It doesn’t actually leap out and say “Peanut Butter” with anything but text and it doesn’t actually say “chilli” at all but I definitely like the labelling on this product all the same. The white paper label on the front of their peanut butter doesn’t hold any fancy metaphors or exciting imagery. All we get to see are the actual ingredients – The Naga Chilli and a pile of Peanuts. It’s label is NOT eye catching but it’s a lot clearer on the contents and, while it does say “Mini Jar Company” on it, they do also sell bigger jars under their main company name "Holly And The Ivy". The Mini Jar Company, with its metallic, cartoon car logo on the lid here, seems to be a set of smaller, sample-sized jars that they advertise as perfect for cafes and hotels. These jars are meant for businesses that need to provide single servings for hygiene reasons but I picked mine up at Reading Chilli Fest simply to save money. I wish I hadn’t, though, because it’s a pretty gorgeous Peanut Butter. It’s clearly of the crunchy variety, with plenty of whole peanuts strewn throughout, yet it’s also smooth and creamy, thanks to a bit of extra peanut oil that may need to be stirred back in when you first open the jar. The power of the Naga Chilli definitely comes across here but it isn’t the full on five out of ten of a ghost pepper sauce. It has been held back to the bottom end by the creamy nature of the product. This makes it a uniquely long burn, rather than giving you the Chilli’s full firepower all at once, and that’s definitely going to make it nice and warming through the winter. The actual taste of the pepper, however, does little to make itself known. It is there but only as a tiny hint. Mostly, this is just an excellent Peanut Butter with added burn. unlike other product like the Peanut Butter Xtreme: The smoother, mellower pepper tastes than your average supers and so they work pretty well with the nutty base, especially when in something like a peanut butter and jam sandwich. The Holly and the Ivy’s product is far more of a daily use sort, tasting so good I could just eat it out the jar, while others would be far more fitting as an ingredient or for when you feel like pushing your limits a little over lunch., but that isn’t to say that you couldn’t, if you wanted, make a great satay. In fact, while it seems almost mean to say so, I think the Mini Jar Company Peanut Butter is a winner for me. It may be the one where the Chilli adds least, since its main flavour by far is the Peanuts, but it’s texture is a perfect balance of creamy and crunchy and it has a great taste to match. Before I go, mind you, there is one last thing for me to mention – The ingredients list: Holly and the Ivy’s Mini Jar Company Naga Peanut Butter: Peanuts (86%), Sugar (8.6%), Peanut Oil (3.2%), Naga Chilli (1.7%), Salt (0.9%)

THANK YOU to both yourself and your lovely wife for making our wedding favours

Hello Paul & Lin  I just wanted to touch base and say a massive THANK YOU to both yourself and your lovely wife for making our wedding favours. They went down an absolute treat and they looked fantastic on the tables and thank you so much for our card also,  Sorry this is a bit late, we decided to become ill just before and after the wedding (pneumonia and bronchitis) and we are only just getting back up to normality (I like to think we started off on the in sickness and in health part of our vows very well haha!)   Much love and Merry Christmas,  Hope to see you at one of the festivals in the new year for more jam! (I'm out of my raspberry and white chocolate again!!)   Emily and Rob xx  

Vinnie B – Northanpton

Hi Paul & Lin, Just wanted to say thanks for the personal care and communication from yourselves and your team to ensure the previous order was satisfied. My family, work colleagues and friends were so impressed with your products that they have asked myself to order a few more from your Christmas Selection Boxes and have  placed an order through your ON-Line Shop. Pleasure doing business with your company Regards Vinnie PS Thanks for the additional jar of Cranberry, Orange, Cointreau & Port Sauce - Yummy !!

Natalie Harris (Whitehead)

Although they are my parents that own the Holy And The Ivy I have to say that the Wedding Favors they did for our wedding were out of this world. I always new what they were going to produce was going to be a total surprise, but knowing my parents I new that they were going to be out of this world and something very special. I was not disappointed as I did not see what we were having till the day of the wedding and WOW !!!! We had a Seville Orange Jelly we 24 Carrot Gold Leaf suspended in it !!!!!   Thanks Mom & Dad

David Potter – Lechlade

Paul, We have no problem with a New Year delivery date. We fully appreciate the delays at this time of the year. QUALITY of the goods is the main reason for this order not the delivery time. We bought some of your products at this years Abergavenny Food Festival and were very impressed as were friends.  I have been on the lookout for other events you attend but place and time never quite worked hence the web order. The quality and flavor of your products are exceptional thanks.