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Ludlow Food & Drink Festival 2016

Ludlow Food & Drink Festival 2016

Event Details

This event finished on 11 September 2016


Ludlow Food Festival In The Castle Grounds


It  is with great regret that we need to inform all our loyal customers that come to purchase products from us at the Ludlow Food Festival that we will NOT be attending the Festival this year.

It has been deemed by the Directors in their final correspondents “ We appreciate that you have supported the Festival by attending in past years, and we are grateful to you for this, but the Festival is continually changing and improving, and we also receive more applications from potential exhibitors than we can accommodate in the available space. So we do have to make decisions about which vendors to accept, and in doing so we take into account a number of criteria” which obviously we do now no longer come under.

With this in mind to show our loyalty to our customers who have returned to us year in year out to by our products as Christmas Presents ect we are offering on production of a valid 2016 wrist band from the festival a 10% discount on our range of products at both and and FREE P&P on orders over £15:00 using the promo code NOTINLUDLOW2016.


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