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3rd July 2016

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 Its all over NOW for another year but look below for some memorable moments from the 2016 Chilli Festival


paulw and the crowd Winner of the 2016 Warwick  Chilli Festival Parminder Khela from Leamington Spa  DSC 0570    DSC 0561    DSC 0540    DSC 0538    DSC 0536    DSC 0533    DSC 0530    DSC 0522    DSC 0516    DSC 0515    DSC 0511    DSC 0509    DSC 0508    DSC 0507    DSC 0506    DSC 0504    DSC 0502    DSC 0497    DSC 0494    DSC 0491 DSC 0489 DSC 0486


The first ever Warwick Rocks Chilli Festival, a celebration of everything HOT,HOT, HOT took place in Warwick Market Square on the 3rd July 2016. Part of the event was Chilli Eating Contest run by Paul Whitehead (Holly And The Ivy) , “Woody” from Fire Foods of Grantham , Reaper, Seven Pot & Ghost Chilies supplied by The Chilli Mash Company plus support as usual from Russel, and others from Sketts who are organizing the event with Warwick Rocks.

Based on our successful now annual Chilli Eating Contest we run at the Birmingham Chilli Festival in Brindleyplace for the past 6 years 15 brave applicants entered the contest which consists of eating raw chilies from the mild Jelopeno right through to the famous Carolina Reaper Naga Chilli which still currently stands at the world hottest chilli.

After many painful rounds of digesting the chilies handed out by Garry the winner was finally arrived at who was Mr Parminder Khela of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire who now has agreed to enter the Birmingham Chilli Challenge



Mr Parminder Khela of Leamington Spa Winner Of The 2016
Chilli Challenge


Keep watching here for the date of the 2017 Warwick Rocks Chilli Festival




chilli man bonnetschilli man

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